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About the Discover Pass

Photo of Benson Beach at Cape Disappointment State Park with driftwood in front and the Pacific Ocean in background

The Discover Pass offers you access to nearly 3 million acres of state recreation lands in Washington, including:

State recreation lands offer amazing outdoor experiences on diverse landscapes including forests, water trails, beaches, deserts, shrub-steppe, lakes, rivers, mountains and alpine meadows. Millions of acres provide opportunities to enjoy a variety of recreation activities, including swimming, fishing, geocaching, wildlife viewing, hunting, picnicking, paragliding, hiking, biking, wind surfing, rock climbing, boating and more.

When you buy the Discover Pass, you are helping to keep these wonderful outdoor opportunities open and accessible to the public.

Background on the Discover Pass

Washington state is an outdoor lover's dream, and public demand for outdoor recreation opportunities on state lands continues to grow. However, the state's budget crisis makes it difficult to keep up with this demand. Shrinking revenues makes it impossible for current taxes to maintain existing facilities, let alone develop new ones

To ensure the public may continue to enjoy these recreation lands, the state must shift from relying on tax revenue from the state General Fund to a user-pay approach to pay for recreation. The cost to users is $30 for the annual Discover Pass or $10 for a one-day pass. Transaction and dealer fees may apply.

Three state agencies are working collaboratively to make sure you can enjoy some of the best that Washington has to offer: Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Washington State Department of Natural Resources and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.